Frequently Asked Questions on Bankruptcy

Frequently Asked Questions on Bankruptcy 2019-05-13T16:44:51+00:00

What do I need when I meet with Michael D. Buzulencia in my first consultation?

At the initial conference, be prepared to generally discuss your assets, liabilities and monthly income and household bills.  Be prepared to focus on your current situation so Michael D. Buzulencia can analyze and help come up with a situation.  At the first consultation, only basic information is needed.  Specific details are needed about your financial history, your income, debts, budget and expenses for a bankruptcy filing. 

Will I be charged for my first consultation?

No.  Michael D. Buzulencia does not charge for an initial consult.

Is the history of my debt problems important in my first consultation?

No.  Past problems with creditors or the reason you are in financial distress are normally  not necessary to help analyze your current financial situation.

Will I lose my possessions if I file for bankruptcy?

No. Normally most bankruptcy debtors keep their possessions.  If you owe money on an item such as a house or car, usually you can keep it as long as you continue paying for it.

Will they come to my house?

No.  Normally they will have your word under oath on the possessions owned and value of possessions you own.  Most household items will have a value that is exempt from creditors.

Will I go in front of a Judge?

Most debtors do not go in front of a Judge.  Normally, you attend a Court hearing individually before a Trustee who reviews your financial situation with you based upon the information given.  That’s why it is important to give Michael D. Buzulencia all the information he needs to allow him to properly prepare your bankruptcy.

How do I know what bankruptcy chapter I will be filing?

This is something that will be determined by you and Michael D Buzulencia after analyzing your financial situation.  Michael D. Buzulencia will work with you to determine what is best for you given your financial situation.


Will I meet with Michael D. Buzulencia to discuss this?

Meetings will be with Michael D. Buzulencia personally.  He will guide you through the process.

Can I get credit after I’ve filed for bankruptcy?

Many times you will be more likely to get credit after you’ve filed for bankruptcy.  You have little, if any, debt.  You may be a better credit risk.  It sometimes takes a while to rebuild your credit.  It most likely took you years to get into debt, you have to give it time to work itself through.  Michael D. Buzulencia can give you suggestions to help improve your credit after bankruptcy.